What will happen at the BEAM showcase?

BEAM2018 will take place at Theatre Royal Stratford East in Stratford, London on 1st – 2nd March 2018.  The full programme will be confirmed once all the work being shown has been selected; as Stephen Sondheim says – ‘content dictates form’.

It will be a packed two days, attended by those in the industry with an interest in supporting new musicals and resources to help develop or stage them. The format will  focus on pitching and sharing excerpts from the new musicals in development which are selected from the pitching days.

Some work will be invited to give a more polished version of the pitch shared at the pitching days, others may be invited to showcase a 20-minute excerpt from the work in development – in either case, this is an opportunity to interest producers, programmers, funders and potential future supporters of your work in helping you to make it a reality. There will also be opportunities for networking and a marketplace set-up to share information about your show with attendees.

For those attending BEAM2018, we’ll do all the legwork to bring together the most exciting talent and emerging musical theatre projects from around the UK, so you can experience them, meet the creative teams – and grab the opportunity to become involved from the early stages of their development.


25-Minute Showcases:

The Bow Maker – Finn Anderson
F**ked in Marrakech – Alex Young & Kate Marlais
Bollywood Rose – Sumerah Srivastav & Ajay Srivastav
The Season – Jim Barne & Kit Buchan
The Wind Singer – Sarah Llewelleyn & Teresa Howard
Lucky Petra – Carl Miller & Chris Ash
Mammoth – Matthew Herbert & Alexandra Wood
My Marcello – Rosabella Gregory, Dina Gregory & Corey Brunish

10-Minute Platforms:

Buried – Cordelia O’Driscoll & Tom Williams
Song Unsung – David Tse, Chris Chan & Shuet-Kei Cheung
Pylon – Paul Montgomery, Graeme Cameron, Stephen Smith & Paul Milligan
Eugenia – Mark Aspinall
Hoarding The Musical – Sheep Soup (Ben Welch & Rob Green)
Terror At The Sweetshop – Gavin Brock & Nichola Rivers
Home From Here: A Scottish Musical – Shonagh Murray, Kirsty Findlay & Naomi Stirrat
Things I’m Not – Getrude Veremu
Teacup Poisoner – Mark Powell & Ben Occhipinti
Cult – Tasha Taylor Johnson
Vibez – Rob Castell & Sarah Tipple
The Demon Headmaster – Matt Borgatti, Mary Erskine & Will Dollard
Over the Bridge – Shona White & Lisbee Stainton
The Lost Ones – Dylan Wynford & Sevan.K.Greene
The Letter Room – Stan Hodgson & Meghan Doyle
Eamon O’Dwyer – Writer Showcase
Untitled (Teeside Steelworks) – Ross Millard & Maria Crocker
Greyfriars Bobby – Andrew Dyer & Hannah Jarrett-Scott
Jack And I – Matthew Lim
Darren Clarke & Rhys Jennings – Writer Showcase
Operation Mincemeat – Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts, David Cumming & Felix Hagan
Liam O’Rafferty – Writer Showcase
New Life – Firdos Ali & Izo Fitzroy
Pieces Of String – Gus Gowland
Footballer’s Wives – Kath Gotts & Maureen Chadwick
Pinocch1.0 – Dougal Irvine
Händel On the Estate – Coco Mbassi
Zero – Jay Cameron
On This Day – Rebecca Applin & Pete Ashmore
Rough Sleeper – Barnaby Hallam
Remember Remember – Christian Czornyj
Lulu – Shane Solanki
Benjamin Till – Writer Showcase
Festival – John-Victor
Thor And Loki – Harry Blake
Harriet – Donald Rice & Eva Rice
Pattie Shop Diaries – Mike Scott-Harding
Whatchamacallit – Emily Rose Simons & Emily Claire Schmitt
Che The Musical – Craig Adams, Lee Whitelock, Gabriela Garcia & Jack Murray
Soul Night Special – David Kent
Kali’s Toenail – Sonali Bhattacharyya & Theo Jamieson
Gladys – Francine Morgan
Amir Schoenfeld – Writer Showcase
Between Us – Elizabeth Carter & Josef Pitura-Riley
Saved By The Cake – Dillie Keane, Julie Clare & Carol Russell
Orpheus – Dom James & Tom Ryalls
The Bridge Of San Luis Rey – Susannah Pearse & Tim Connor
Country Dream – Giles Fernando & Sara Eker
Simon And His Shoes – Stephanie Singer & Laurel Haines
Jump Space – Greg Davidson & Chris Coxon

Our first BEAM Showcase was held at the Park Theatre in March 2016. Below are some great articles from industry commentators who attended:

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#BEAM2016 in pictures


Full details of the creative line-up involved in BEAM2018 will follow, once the Pitching Days process has been completed but the BEAM2018 Showcase takes place at Theatre Royal Stratford East on Thursday 1st – Friday 2nd March 2018.