BEAM2018 Programme & Creatives

BEAM2018 takes place at Theatre Royal Stratford East, London on 1st – 2nd March 2018.  The full programme and creatives is below. It will be a packed two days, attended by those in the industry with an interest in supporting new musicals and resources to help develop or stage them. The format will  focus on pitching and sharing excerpts from the new musicals in development which are selected from the pitching days.

Some work will be invited to give a more polished version of the 10-minute pitch shared at the pitching days, others will be invited to showcase a 25-minute excerpt from the work in development – in either case, this is an opportunity to interest producers, programmers, funders and potential future supporters of your work in helping you to make it a reality. There will also be opportunities for networking and a marketplace set-up to share information about your show with attendees.

For those attending BEAM2018, we’ve done all the legwork to bring together the most exciting talent and emerging musical theatre projects from around the UK, so you can experience them, meet the creative teams – and grab the opportunity to become involved from the early stages of their development.

BEAM 2018


A modern ecological fairytale linking an endangered species of tree in the Brazilian rainforest with the making of bows for the world’s finest string players – featuring an onstage string quartet and Brazilian percussion.
Finn Anderson – Writer & Composer
Tania Azevedo – Director
Daniel Jarvis  – Musical Director
Ayesha Quigley, Amy Gardyne, Dominic Rye, Steve Watts, Madelena Alberto – Performers
Debs White, Charlotte Reid, Boz Vukotic, Richard Pryce – String Quartet, Members of London Musical Theatre Orchestra

The women of three generations of a British family work through resentment and reconciliation while together in Marrakech – in a family portrait exploring how we shape our past, present and future.
Alex Young
– Writer
Kate Marlais – Writer
Josh Seymour – Director
Carly Bawden, Paul Chahidi, Gay Soper – Performers

A cross cultural coming of age story, about a young and cynical British Asian single mother, who finds herself trapped inside a Bollywood movie.
Ajay Srivastav
– Music & Lyrics
Sumerah Srivastav – Book
Adam Lenson
  – Director
Ellie Coote
– Assistant Director
Julie Clare
  – Producer
Siobhan Athwal, Sharan Phull, Kush Khanna, Yanick Ghanty – Performers
Hinnal Pattani, Vinod Kerai, Bhupinder ‘Bhups’ Roopra, Pavan Verma – Musicians

A snow-covered romantic comedy of a New Yorker showing a British visitor around her city on Christmas Eve, ahead of her sister’s and his father’s wedding – this mixed-race two-hander celebrates and satirises the grand tradition of Christmas romance.
Jim Barne
– Composer
Kit Buchan – Lyricist
Rikki Beadle-Blair – Director
Tori Allen-Martin, Joe Bence – Performers

An epic fantasy family musical based on William Nicholson’s novel about a fierce girl in a dystopian world, who sets out on a quest to find the Wind Singer’s lost voice and free her people – the score includes a children’s choir, musical saw and tuned wine glasses.
Teresa Howard
– Book & Lyrics
Sarah Llewellyn – Music
Cressida Carré – Director
Catherine Jayes – Musical Director

A promenade musical for all ages, led by a travelling band inspired by Balkan Brass Bands and Roma/punk mashups, telling a story of a young girl’s magical travels and contemporary migration.
Chris Ash
– Composer
Carl Miller – Book & Lyrics
Pete Rowe – Director
Cecily O’Neill (2Time Theatre) – Co-Producer
John Caddick, Adam Chatterton, Nathan Gregory, Evie Rose Lane, Natasha Lewis, Josh Sneesby, Lucy Wells, with the voice of Paul Nicholas – Performers

An inventive musical set 45,000 years ago, when music allows homo sapiens more complex communication than their limited vocabulary – giving them new imaginings and the courage to kill a beast bigger than themselves.
Matthew Herbert
– Music & Lyrics
Alexandra Wood – Book & Lyrics
Carrie Cracknell – Director
Sarah Jane Murray – Producer
David Moorst, Sarah Niles, Cath Whitefield – Performers
Lola May, Charlotte Endacott, Helen Mohagan, Ruby Nightingale, Maxine Latinis, Gracelle Gordon, Julian Cox, Drew Paterson – Choir

Marcello has promised his ailing wife that the one remaining plot in the local cemetery, beside their daughter, will be hers, but he must keep the whole town’s population alive for this to be so – resulting in comic acts of desperation in a musical comedy with a very big heart.
Rosabella Gregory
– Composer
Dina Gregory – Lyricist
Corey Brunish – Bookwriter & Producer
Kate Golledge – Director
Jo Cichonska – Musical Director
Caroline Sheen, Daniel Crossley, Ceili O’Connor, Steven Serlin, Leon Scott, Joanna Lee, David McKechnie – Performers
Jez Wiles, Oli Hayhurst – Musicians


He’s a charming professional. She’s a sarcastic thrill-seeker. This fun-loving couple form a relationship when they discover something they have in common: they’re both serial killers.
Cordelia O’Driscoll
– Music & Lyrics
Tom Williams
– Book & Lyrics
Lindsay Manion, Sebastian Belli, Rebecca Yau, Alexander Cosgriff, Laurence Hunt – Performers

During WWI,140,000 Chinese men were recruited by the Allies and sent to the Western Front. Thousands never went home again. Their story is finally being told.
David Tse
– Book & Lyrics
Chris Chan
– Music & Co-Lyrics
Shuet-Kei (Suki) Cheung
– Producer
Windson Liong, Candy Ma, Ben Wong – Performers

Pylon is based on real events that took place in the town of Kilmarnock in the 1990’s. A powerful and challenging one man show which tells the story of a community at the centre of accusations surrounding electricity pylons were linked to abnormal cancer rates in the area.
Paul Montgomery
– Writer
Graeme Cameron – Writer
Stephen Smith – Writer
Paul Milligan – Writer
Tasha Scoular, Rosi Tudhope, Andy Kerr, Gavin Lindsay – Performers

Based on a true story. NYC, 1915 – 19-year-old Eugenia Kelly sneaks out to dance NYC’s biggest craze – the tango – with a mysterious Argentinian tango “pirate”, Al Davis. This provocative new dance feels illicit and radical – and addictive. Once discovered, Eugenia is forced to choose between Davis and her inheritance.
Mark Aspinall – Composer & Lyricist
Natasha Barnes, Nick Walsh, Charlie Laffer, Susi Evans, Mike Parkin – Performers

A woman with a serious hoarding problem has a particular addiction to musical instruments or anything that makes a sound. She claims she is composing an epic symphony requiring every object she owns, but the authorities are losing patience. A musician is invited to record the sounds of her instruments, building a digital library and downsizing the hoard. The piece charts the therapeutic relationship between the woman and the musician, translating her messy history into manageable musical chunks.
Rob Green – Music, Lyrics & Musical Director
Ben Welch – Creative Producer (Sheep Soup)

Four children investigate the disappearance of their beloved sweetshop owner and work to save their village from a dangerous power.
Gavin Brock
– Composer & Lyricist
Nichola Rivers
– Bookwriter

Babs, living in 1992, is studying the Highland Clearances. Aggie, in 1792, is experiencing them. Babs discovers she has to learn her history to figure out her future.
Shonagh Murray
– Music & Lyrics
Kirsty Findlay
– Book
Naomi Stirrat 
– Book
Blair Kincaid, Matthew Swift – Performers

T.I.N. is an autobiographical musical about Getrude presented as a hybrid of music, dance and projection depicting a journey of empowerment.
Getrude Veremu
– Writer & Composer
Jessica Beck – Director & Dramaturg
Katharina Reinthaller – Assistant Director
Tony Adigun – Choreographer
Yuklin Ahue – Performer

In 1961, Graham Young bought a chemistry set. Within a year, his friends and family are dead. A gripping, darkly comic true story.
Mark Powell
– Book & Lyrics
Ben Occhipinti – Music
Rob Hiley – Musical Director/Arranger
Mark Anderson, Daniel Buckley, Tom Davies, Sejal Keshwala, Laura Tebbutt – Performers
Sam Pegg, Rob Hiley – Musicians

A true dark comedy of an unlikely group of Doomsday Seekers, operating from the modest front room of a narcissistic and slightly unhinged housewife/dictator, Shirley Armstrong.
Tasha Taylor Johnson
– Book, Music & Lyrics
Phil Cornwell – Additional arrangements/Music/Material
Amy Anders Cochoran – Director
Adam Taylor – Sound Designer
Francesca Ellis, John Jack, Michael Storrs, Martin Dickinson, Josie Kemp, Alex Spinney, Landi Oshinowo – Performers
Tamara Saringer – Musician

The Letter Room is a North East based theatre company telling stories full of raucous live music. We are a devising ensemble of Actor-Musicians committed to creating fearless, boundary-breaking musical theatre, one that captures the energy of a night out and the intimacy of live performance. The Letter Room have made work with The RSC, The Lowry and Northern Stage.
Stan Hodgson – Co-Director
Meghan Doyle
– Co-Director
Jake Orr
– Producer
Andrew Bleakley, Alice Blundell, Maria Crocker, Alex Tahnee – Performers

A thrilling family musical about a group of students battling an evil headmaster with the power of mind control.
Matt Borgatti
– Book
Mary Erskine – Music & Lyrics
Will Dollard – Music & Lyrics
Michaela Bennison, Dan Bottomley – Performers

An all-female musical based on the women who built Waterloo Bridge during the World War II.
Thrust into a man’s world of hard labour, new possibilities open up to our women as they find strength in adversity. With the backdrop of the Blitz this is a story of love, loss, equality, community and humanity in a time of conflict.
Shona White
– Producer & Additional lyrics
Lisbee Stainton – Music, Lyrics & Producer
Jo Harper – Book
Sarah Travis – Musical Supervisor, Arranger & Producer
Cressida Carré – Director, Choreographer & Producer
Lauren Samuels, Evie Hoskins – Performers

2033. Civil liberties are gone and the People no longer have a voice. The Youth Liberation Front do their best to fight the system. But what are they willing to sacrifice for true freedom?
Dylan Wynford – Music & Lyrics
Sevan K.Greene – Book & Lyrics
Tania Azevedo – Director
Daniel Jarvis – Musical Director & Arranger
Aran MacRae, Carly Mercedes Dyer, William Pennington, Jessica Dives, Zoë West, Niccolò Curradi,
Miracle Chance, Scott Folan, AJ Jenks, Nicola Espallardo, Ashley Daniels, Marina Lawrence-Mahrra – Performers

An a capella musical set in the 90’s, Debbie, a beatbox whizz wants to make music. When the boyband Boyvibez lose their lead singer days before a big showcase, Debbie sees her chance.
Rob Castell – Book, Music & Lyrics
Sarah Tipple – Book & Director

At the height of World War 2, Alan Turing works on the machine that will break the German Enigma Code. Through his calculations, Turing explores the nature of spirit and truth.
Darren Clarke – Music & Lyrics
Rhys Jennings – Book

Eamonn presents a selection of work in development, including the untold story of Isabella Beeton and Fanny & Stella, the tale of London’s notorious female impersonators.
Eamonn O’Dwyer
– Composer & Lyricist
Alex Young, Susannah van den Berg, Natasha Jayetileke, Jordan Lee Davies, Oscar Conlon Morrey – Performers

A musical based on the traditional Edinburgh tale, updated to the present day. A young boy is placed into the care system after the death of his grandmother and the show follows him over fourteen years as he is brought up as a ‘child in care’.
Andrew Dyer
– Book, Lyrics & Director
Hannah Jarrett-Scott – Composer, Lyrics & Musical Director
Charlie West – Performer

Follow Inspector Abberline as he hunts for the infamous Jack the Ripper. A darkly humorous twist on the story of a notorious historical villain.
Matthew Lim
– Book, Music & Lyrics
Mingyu Lin – Director
Shuang Teng – Producer
Saul Boyer, Comfort Fabian, Jazmin Hudson-Owen, Laura Hyde, Andrea Martin – Performers

A town mourns the death of its heritage. Marnie, a barmaid, is trapped. Then an unlikely offer to escape leads Marnie on a journey to fight for a future.
Ross Millard – Creative
Maria Crocker – Creative

Based on the hit TV series, we follow Captain’s Wife Tanya Turner as she struggles to save her marriage and the career of her cheating husband. A satirical swipe at tabloid celebrity culture.
Kath Gotts – Music & Lyrics
Maureen Chadwick – Book
Lee Freeman – Musical Director
Alice Fearn, Richard Meek – Performers

A medley of 2 musicals, Paper Hearts and Finding Hitchcock. The first follows Atticus Smith, a bookshop assistant; the second follows Flynn who believes his neighbour is living a lie.
Liam O’Rafferty
– Book, Music & Lyrics
Daniel Jarvis – Music & lyrics, Musical Director & Arranger
Adam Small, Gabriella Margulies, Matthew Atkins, Sinead Wall – Performers
William Bennett – Musician

Sky is in the final weeks at an open prison. At 36, Sky wants to have a baby without the inconvenience of a man. Will she return to her old ways to get what she wants?
Firdos Ali
– Book & Lyrics
Izo Fitzroy – Music & Lyrics
Elisha Myton, Gemma Seren, Georgina Rose Hanson, Harriet Taylor, Ashley Jacobs – Performers

When Jane returns from her dad’s funeral to start clearing his house, she isn’t prepared for the story she discovers. Her dad came back from WW2 with a secret.
Gus Gowland
– Writer & Composer
Ryan McBryde – Director
Paul Herbert – Musical Director
Tracey Childs – Producer
Craig Mather, Gary Wood, Samuel Knight, Chris Cowley – Performer

It’s 1943 and we’re losing the war, so we gamble all our futures on a dead tramp. A true story of the mission that won us the war.
Natasha Hodgson – Book & Lyrics
Zoe Roberts – Book & Lyrics
David Cumming – Book & Lyrics
Felix Hagan – Composer

John Robinson was a world-renowned free solo climber until he fell to his death at the age of 43. Eleven years later, his daughter Hazel discovers his old climbing journal. She dives back into her childhood with her fearless, daredevil dad, desperate to answer one burning question: Who was her father? Free Solo is a powerful and uplifting new musical about what it means to belong to a family.
Jack Godfrey – Book, Music & Lyrics

This is a tale about prejudice and assumptions in 2017 London. The motto? Music brings people together. Or does it?
Coco Mbassi
– Book, Lyrics & Musical Arranger
Simone Ibbett-Brown – Performer
Chan Hung Fai Tony, Kirsty Clark, Mike Grittani, Serge Ngando – Musicians

Zero is a dense web of non-linear songs and scenes inspired by the physics, politics and moral arguments related to nuclear weapons. Above all, Zero reveals the humanity hidden within the story of weapons of mass destruction.
Jay Cameron
– Composer & Lyricist
Emily Aboud – Director
Christina Tedders – Performer

Performed by actor-musicians who all play the same character, On This Day questions what we do when the world’s problems are so overwhelming and yet listed on a device in our hand at all times.
Rebecca Applin
– Composer & Co-Creator
Pete Ashmore – Writer & Actor-Musician
Adam Lenson – Director
Josie Dunn, Joey Hickman, Anne-Marie Piazza – Performers

An original musical set to the backdrop of modern homelessness, telling the story of a group of rough sleepers, struggling to survive and to somehow find a life off the streets.
Barnaby Hallam
– Writer & Director
Tamara Saringer – Musical Director
Martha Jordan – Producer
Alaric Green, Holly Sayer, David Gibbons – Performers

An immersive industrial electronic musical set in a dystopian world. The show revolves around the trial of Rev as he attempts to come to terms with the loss of his wife and unborn child. It takes what you may think to be musical theatre and throws it on the bonfire.
Christian Czornyj – Book, Music & Lyrics
Adam Lenson – Director
Rebecca Grant – Musical Director
Sevan Greene, Kathryn Pemberton, Charlotte Forster, Georgina Rose-Hanson, Linnéa Didrick, Abbi Hodgson, Jonathan Hansler, Georgina Rose Hanson, Jaymin Michaels, Sam Ward-Smith – Performers

A spoken word musical that tells the story of Luna Khan, a Muslim teenager whose unhappy home life sees her leave London. The show mixes comedy and barbershop harmonies to tell Luna’s story, which asks the question what do we identify with in a rapidly changing world?
Shane Solanki
– Writer
Kate Mullins, Arthur Lea, Camilo Menjura – Performers

What do you do when your shoes walk out on you? Follow them! Join a pair of optimistic shoes as they take on the world without a pair of feet.
Stephanie Singer – Composer
Laurel Haines – Librettist & Lyricist
Nadine Wild Palmer, TD van der Beek – Performers
Kieren Stallard – Musician

An immersive piece which takes place at a musical festival. Sophie has always lived in her sister Kayleigh’s shadow. Kayleigh falls for Dylan, Sophie’s secret crush for 5 years. This is a musical of self-discovery with a twist, as the audience get to party with the cast in a music festival environment. 
– Book, Music & Lyrics

An ancient war rages between Gods and Giants. Thor hates violence, is useless with a hammer and prefers writing poetry. Meanwhile, as the end of the world approaches, wise and well-meaning Loki learns that she is the one who will cause it. As Thor works to fulfil his destiny, and Loki tries to change hers, the two form an unlikely friendship, find the strength to be themselves and maybe turn a cruel ending into a hopeful beginning.
Harry Blake
– Music & Lyrics
Alice Keedwell – Co-creator / Performer
Vicky Graham – Producer
Jennifer Fletcher – Choreographer
Akiya Henry, David Cumming, Alex Mugnaioni – Performers

Based on Jilly Cooper’s novel, Harriet is unabashed, unapologetic fun (with some minor notes). It’s a tale of girls, boys, love, sex, romance, wo-mance, bro-mance, Oxford, Yorkshire, Hollywood, fame, betrayal, whisky, jodhpurs, dancing, guitars, rock-stars, fist fights, plus the girl next door and a horse called Python.
Donald Rice – Writer
Eva Rice – Lyricist & Composer
Phillip Breen – Director
Toby Higgins – Musical Director
Leonora Twynam – Lead Producer
Libby Brodie – Co-producer
Sydney Rae White, Ben Aldridge – Performers

A Black-British family is running a Caribbean food outlet in South London, 2012. Adassa runs the establishment with her older brother Seymour, while raising teenage twins, Lillian and Marcus. Events are thrown into confusion when an unexpected debt threatens the shop’s existence, and the twins’ estranged father arrives after 6 years away. 
Mike Scott-Harding
– Book, Music & Lyrics
Harry Style – Musical Director
Siam Hurlock, Amarra Smith, Michael Stewart,  Luke Wilson – Performers

Vanessa is minding her own business when the strange girl from school declares her the next Virgin Mary.  Both women get more than they bargained for as miracles begin popping up at highly inconvenient times. Is it possible that Vanessa is the sign from Heaven that Florence is waiting for? Faith, fantasy, and farce collide in this irreverent comedy.
Emily Rose Simons
– Composer & Lyricist
Emily Claire Schmitt – Bookwriter
Rania Iraki – Director
Tanya Truman, Madeleine Carr – Performers
Stefano Zanocchini – Musician

Che merges the life of Che Guevara and a Cuban café in1997. Alberto Korda (the photographer behind the iconic image of Che) bridges these two worlds as the body of CHE has finally been discovered 30 years after his execution. The further Korda explores the past , the more blurred these worlds become, as the café’s inhabitants begin to adopt roles in Che’s life. A contemporary, fast-paced look at an iconic figure from a different perspective.
Craig Adams
– Composer
Lee Whitelock – Writer
Gabriela Garcia – Writer
Jack Murray – Writer
Sara Joyce – Director
Michelle Barnette – Producer

Three women fall in love with Soul music at College, as The Fabulettes they have a minor hit in the 80s and then they get on with the business of real life. Now in their 50s, the three reunite at their annual Soul Weekender, where friendship is tested to breaking point by revelations of illness, unrequited love and betrayal. Only by unconditionally accepting themselves, can they also accept each other and reaffirm the power of friendship.
David Kent – Writer & Composer
Simon Greiff – Director
Julie Clare – Producer
Jessica Martin, Sharon Sexton, Landi Oshinowo – Performers
Michael Roulston – Musician

An adaptation of best selling Irish author Marian Keyes’ book Saved By Cake. A chamber musical dealing with survival, depression and, of course, cake.
Dillie Keane – Music & Lyrics
Julie Clare – Book
Carol Russell – Book
Josh Boyd-Rochford – Producer

Gladys, a drag king during the Harlem Renaissance, reflects on her past and decides whether to hang up her top hat for good as the McCarthy era arrives.
Francine Morgan
– Book, Music & Lyrics
Ayo-Dele Edwards, Vicki Morgan – Performers
Allyson Devenish – Musician

Amir’s passion for musical theatre has been a permanent feature of his life as a composer and musical director. For the past decade, Amir has worked in studio music production in London and independently. His influences range from Sondheim, Lloyd Webber and Jason Robert Brown, to James Blake, Bon Iver and Pomplampoose. He combines his love for jazz, electronic music and pop into his musical theatre composition.
Amir Shoenfeld
– Composer & Lyricist
Rebecca McDonald – Writer
Nick Beecroft – Writer
James Gulliford, Liza Keast, Maria Leon – Performers

This one-woman musical follows Elizabeth, an actress too busy to differentiate what could actually fulfil her heart, and her two friends: Steph, a business woman in desperate need to control her own destiny; and Vicky, the party girl who is on the ultimate husband hunt to complete her life. These real-life experiences interweave as we explore desires, influences, relationships and a journey to faith.
Elizabeth Carter
– Writer & Conceiver
Josef Pitura-Riley
– Music & Lyrics
Rhonda Carlson – Creative Consultant & Co-Director
Kevan Patriquin – Creative Consultant & Co-Director
Stephanie Hackett, Sheridan Lloyd, Josh Tye, Charlotte Peak – Performers

Explore the lives of 3 women during the 2014 Indian election. Jump on this witty, high-octane pop rollercoaster through a rapidly changing India.
Sonali Bhattacharyya – Book & Lyrics
Theo Jamieson – Music & Lyrics

9/11 ushered in a cultural and moral shift in the West. Our world began to look more and more like an underworld and who better to lead us out of it than someone who has been there before? Orpheus is tasked with leading four people into their personal ‘underworlds’, helping them discover exactly what terror has taken away from them, and leading them back out again.
Dom James
– Composer
Tom Ryalls – Bookwriter & Lyricist
Harriet Syndercombe Court, James Junior – Performers

One day in Peru, a bridge collapses, killing 5 people. Brother Juniper decides to prove that this was evidence of heavenly design.
Tim Connor – Composer & Lyricist
Susannah Pearse – Bookwriter
Rebecca Trehearn, Alex Young – Performers

The story of Ashleigh, a young, mixed-race, adopted woman who flees her abusive, adoptive father and battles prejudice to succeed as a country music star in Nashville.
Giles Fernando
– Writer, Lyricist & Composer
Sara Eker
– Composer, Lyricist & Writer
Lindsay O’Mahoney, Glyn Devey, Ryan Small – Performers

A modern retelling of the classic where the title character is an artificial intelligence. Written in consultation with Google Deepmind and through collaboration with AI Duet.
Dougal Irvine
– Book, Music & Lyrics
Aimie Atkinson – Performer
Belgrade Theatre Coventry – Producer
Aimie Atkinson – Performer

BAFTA-nominated composer and theatre director best known for Brass (winner of the 2014 UK Theatre Award for Best Musical Production) and as conceiver, co-writer and one of the grooms on Our Gay
Wedding: The Musical (Channel 4). Stage musicals as composer/writer include Em, Letter to a
Daughter (with Sir Arnold Wesker) and Beyond The Fence, the world’s first “computer-written” musical, which had a limited run in the West End.
Benjamin Till – Composer & Lyricist
Laura Barnard, Abbie Jones, Chris McGuigan, Llio Millward, Jack Reitman, Nathan Taylor – Performers
Alex Aitken – Musician

Our first BEAM Showcase was held at the Park Theatre in March 2016. Below are some great articles from industry commentators who attended:

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#BEAM2016 in pictures


Full details of the creative line-up involved in BEAM2018 will follow, once the Pitching Days process has been completed but the BEAM2018 Showcase takes place at Theatre Royal Stratford East on Thursday 1st – Friday 2nd March 2018.